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Clothes designing is my passion: I love precious textiles, colours, weaves' and prints' combinations, feminine lines, rigorous cuts.

I love a simple and wearable fashion, one you can recognize by its originality and quality.

I like to work with artisans, people who master art with their own hands: I like to confront and share some advice with them.

I love to go on search for unusual materials and new lines: I love to travel and get in touch with different worlds, then letting my pencil flow on the page to recreate the emotions I felt.

I was born in an artists' family: I learned how to play with colours and shapes; I have observed and I have listened.

I took my law degree just to follow the “more rational” part of my soul, yet later on I went back to my truest passion, I "learned the job" by gaining experience in some fashion firms.

Since 1998 I have designed, produced and sold all of my woman and beachwear collections in Rome.